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Analytical sample gas lines, cut to size with PTFE inner core, available on reels of by the metre

H 300 B series120 °C

For user assembly on the construction site: H 300 B heating hoses are available as meter goods up to a length of 150 m. This makes it possible for the customer to determine hose lengths for themself "from the roll".In combination with our H 300 B-K assembly set, the end connections can be fitted on-site. Parallel heating tapes are used for heating.

The H 300 B heating hoses with HBR semiconductor heating tapes limit their power on heating. The temperature attained depends on the environmental conditions, A temperature controller may be required, depending on the application, as too high temperatures destroy the semiconductor layer. If temperature differences occur along sections of routed heating hoses, the heating power adapts to the environmental temperature from section to section. This ensures uniform heating overall.

Operating temperature depending on the selection o Data relate to an outside temperature of approx. +10°C - see table below
Rated voltage 230 V AC (other voltages on request)
Inner core DN 4 – 12 mm PFA, PTFE or stainless steel - see Inner cores analytics, Option: replaceable core
Connection fitting cores protruding, seamless
Thermal insulation thermally stabilised, close-pore foam or thermal fleece
Outer protection PA corrugated hose
Hose end caps PA hard cap or elastomer cap
separate assembly set optional
Temperature sensor Fe-CuNi, PT 100 or HTI optional
Outer diameter 42 mm, ±10%
Production lengths up to 150 m - see table below
Protection type IP44 (EN 60529), protection class I

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