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Connection/termination set in silicone technology for use in explosion hazard areas

Type HBR-IAL4SS200 °C

The connection technology includes easy-to-configuration connection and termination connections in a set. The structure is selected such that the connection can be made directly in a housing approved for Ex areas, e.g. connection housing from the QXEx series or controllers from the IRMBEx series. Additional connecting cables are no longer necessary. In addition, the high temperature stability up to 200°C also allows use with high temperature heating conductors, such as the ILH and ILS series. • Compact dimensions • Temperature stability up to 200°C • Quick and easy to assemble • For various heating systems Self-configuration set: Type HBR-IAL4SS

Temperature class T3
Connection/termination material Silicone
Length connecting sleeve 160 mm
Length of termination sleeve 50 mm
Approvals SIRA 09 ATEX 3022x / CE 2004
For following heating tapes HBR-ILL ... ILS ... ILH