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Dual device with mechanical capillary thermostat and mechanical capillary limiter for use in explosion hazard areas


The Ex controllers / limiters are mechanical 2-point controllers. The glass-fibre reinforced polyester housing is mechanically robust. The combination of controller and limiter allows easy and space-saving operation of an electrical tracer heater in explosion hazard areas. The sensors with just 4 mm outer diameter are especially well suited for electrical trace heaters. • Compact design • 16 A switching power • Protection type IP65 / 230 V • 4 mm sensor thickness • Resistant against chemical influences

Minimum ambient temperature -40°C
Temperature class T6 at +50°C
Marking (Ex) II 2G Ex ed IIC T6
(Ex) II 2D Ex tb IIIC T=80°C IP65
Approvals EPS 09 ATEX 1237 / CE 2004
Control ranges
HT-IRB2M0120/130190Ex Controller: 0..120°C
Limiter: 130..190°C
HT-IRB2M0200/0200Ex Controller: 0..200°C
Limiter: 0..200°C