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Electronic controller-limiter combination

Type HT-ExBR

The electronic Ex-controller is a combination of controller and limiter. The settings of the controller parameters are adjustable via precision Potentiometers. The combination of controller and limiter allows easy and space-saving operation of an electrical tracer heater or a heating hose in explosion hazard areas.

  • Compact design
  • 16 A switching power
  • Protection type IP65 / 230 V
  • Min. temperature monitoring
  • Fault signal lamp

Ambient temperature -20 to +40 °C
Temperature class T4
Marking (Ex) II 2G Ex e mb d II C T4
Control ranges Controller: 0..200 °C
Limiter: 0..200 °C
Voltage 230 V AC 50-60 Hz
Current 16 A / 3680 W
Switching point accuracy ≤ 1,5 %
Switching hysteresis ≤ 3 K
Protection type IP65
Sensor connection 2 x EX-PT100
Housing dimension L x W x H (mm) 260 x 160 x 90
M25/M16 screw connections 3/2
Terminal cross section (mm²) 4
Error message fault signal lamp
Alarm connector Relais 5A
Option EX-PT100 HBR-IRPT100Ex

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