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Front panel mounted controller 3680 Watt / 230 Volt

HT52 series

Front panel controllers generally have very low switching power, in the range of 2 - 3 Amperes. This is why additional power switches must be built into control cabinets, at substantial extra cost, in order to accommodate higher heating power requirements.

In contrast, our HT52 panel regulator is a true power package capable of providing 3680 Watt – without contacts – via a SSR from a 16 A, 230 Volt power source.

This regulator is also very simple to program and it has practical functions, like ramp-up circuitry, self-optimisation, heat circuit control and broken sensor indicator.

Voltage supply 230 V (optional: 24 V DC)
Switching power 1 x 3680 W 16A, electronic
Control range 0 ... 999 °C (adjustable)
Sensor types PT100 / FeCuNi (J) / NiCr Ni (K)
Alarm output 2x relay (normally on) 2 A
Display actual/target value 10 mm high segmented display
Controller type two-point controller
Operation 4 push-buttons, foil keypad
Switching status LED
Protection type IP20 (front-side IP50), protection class I
Housing dimensions Noryl, 96 x 96 x 95 mm (W x H x D)
Connection terminal strip / pluggable

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