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Robust heater tarpaulin for large surfaces

Type HP 6080 °C

Applications Heating or temperature regulation of large surfaces and containers up to 80°C, e.g. IBC containers, silos, lorries.

The heater tarpaulin is heated with electric heater elements sealed in coated polyester fabric. The tarpaulin surface is washable and spray waterproof.

The heating tarpaulin has a 5 mm thick foam thermal insulation. The shape of the HP 60 heater tarpaulin can be individually adapted to container sizes; this includes both round and square openings. Options for fastening, by way of hooks, eyes and Velcro, make attachment easy.

The HP 60 heater tarpaulin is rated to produce up to 500 Watt of heat per m²; depending on ambient temperature, this ensures a short warm-up time for the tarpaulin.

Operating temperature max. 80 °C
Rated voltage up to 500 V AC/DC (one, two, or three phase)
Rated power up to 500 W/m²
Min. ambient temperature -20°C, installation temp. min. +5 °C
Material polyester fabric with PVC coating
Dimensions max. 5 x 10 m
Heater element thickness ca. 10 mm, with 5 mm insulation foam
Fastening options hooks, eyes, Velcro
Temperature sensor PT100 / HTI control
Connection cable 3.0 m
Plug connection optional
Protection type IP44 (EN 60529), protection class I

Sensors can be placed either in or on the heater tarpaulin to monitor or control temperature. Especially effective is our HTI 16 integral electronic controller/monitor combination which allows the tarpaulin's heating conductors to also act as probes; thus the heater tarpaulin's limit temperature can be monitored while simultaneously regulating the temperature of the medium in the container precisely with a separate PT100 sensor.

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