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High temperature heating hose with T5 stainless steel pressure hose

H 900 series550 °C

Applications: Heating or heat loss free transport of: oil, grease, resin, tar, paint, water, carbon dioxide, plastic, moulding compounds etc.

The pressurised hose made of stainless steel, corrugated version, allows very high temperatures up to 550°C. It is also diffusion sealed.

Operating temperature 350°C / 450°C / 250°C / 550°C
Rated voltage 230 V AC/DC (other voltages up to 500 V)
Rated power Watt/metre, see type codes
Pressure hose type T5 stainless steel, see Pressure hoses
Connection fitting see Fittings
Heating heating conductor, structure according to DIN, glass insulated with PE conductor
Thermal insulation textile glass
Outer protective braiding textile glass black
Hose end caps elastomer with strain relief and kink protection
Temperature sensor Fe-CuNi type J, NiCr-Ni type K, PT100
Connecting cable 1.5 m
Plug connection round connector
Production lengths from 0.3 to 10 m depending on DIN
Protection type up to IP20 (EN 60529), protection class I
Tolerance ±20°C

Temperature control using our control equipment, in chapter Control technology.

Extended applications are possible with special equipment.

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