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Hinged heating sleeves with metal jacket

Type HMM250 °C

The HMM heating sleeve is a complete heating element consisting of heating, thermal insulation and closed outer metal jacket. The metal jacket encloses all edges and the inside surface of the sleeve, which consists of two half shells. One side has a hinge, on the other side there are adjustable turnbuckles. This means that tolerances in the outer diameter can be compensated. The length, inner diameter and insulation thickness are designed for your special applications.

Longer built-on accessories can consist of several segments.

Operating temperature max. 250 °C with moisture-proofing of the heating element.
Rated voltage 230 V AC (other voltages on request)
Rated power designed for special applications
Material aluminium or stainless steel
Height max. 2000 mm
Inner diameter 100 to 2000 mm
Temperature sensor Fe-CuNi type J, NiCr-Ni type K, PT 100 and integral control system (HTI) possible
Connection cable 1.5 m
Plug connection optional
Protection type IP40 (basic version), IP54 (on request), protection class I

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