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Industrial heating hose with self-limiting power

HX6B series120 °C

The HX6B series industrial heating hoses is designed for use in Ex areas. The heating hoses are above all characterised by their compact construction with connection configuration. The HX series heating hoses are tested to ATEX standards and with an EC type examination certificate they are certified for the entire heating hose.

The specially structured HX6B series heating hoses can be used in temperature classes T1 ... T6 depending on the temperature control and are suitable for use in zones 1/2 (gas) and zones 21/22 (dust). Their operation in zones 0 and 20 is not permissible.

The HX6B series industrial heating hoses can be deployed, even without temperature regulation, as a consequence of their self-limiting characteristic. The maximum final temperature must be monitored with controllers dependent upon the application.

Applications: Heat-loss free transport of: oil, grease, resin, tar, paint, water, carbon dioxide, plastic, moulding compounds etc. in Ex areas.

Temperature classes T6 = 85°C, T4 = 135°C, T3 = 200°C
Ex areas Zone 1/2 (gas)
Zone 21/22 (dust)
Marking (Ex) II2G Ex mb IIC T3... T6
(Ex) II2D Ex mb IIIC T85°C... T200°C
CE 2004
EC type examination certificate EPS 11 ATEX 1 341 X
Directive 2014/34/EU, EN 60079-0 , EN 60079-7, EN 60079-18
Operating temperature approx. 35 °C ... 120 °C
Rated voltage 230 V AC
Power rating see table below
Connecting cable 1.0 m
Pressure hose see Industrial pressure hoses
Connector fittings steel / stainless steel, see Fittings
Thermal insulation thermally stabilised, close-pore foam or thermal fleece
Outer protection antistatic, see Outer protection hoses
Hose end caps PA hard cap or elastomer cap
Option Ex PT100 or PT100 Exi intrinsically safe sensors

Data relate to an outside temperature of approx. +10°C

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