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Metal lattice heating mat

Type HMG250 °C

This heating mat is reinforced with a metal lattice . The heating conductors are PTFE insulated and have PE conductor braiding. The maximum operating temperature is 250°C. The heating mat can be stretched over tanks and pipes with Velcro fastenings (accessory).

Operating temperature max. 250 °C
Rated voltage up to 500 V AC/DC (one, two, or three phase)
Rated power up to 2000 W/m²
Min. ambient temperature -40 °C
Design PTFE heating conductor on VA lattice or galvanised lattice
Dimensions max. 1000 x 5000 mm / Lattice separation 10 x 10 mm
Heater element thickness approx. 5 mm
Temperature sensor PT100 (Optional: NiCr-Ni, Fe-CuNi, HTI)
Connection cable 1.5 m
Plug connection optional
Protection type IP54 (EN 60529), protection class I
Thermal insulation (optional) Polymer foam (150 °C),
Silicon foam (200 °C)

The HMG heating mat can also be used as an underfloor heating system.

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