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Self-limiting heating conductor

HBR-ILLw...(CT) type85 °C

HBR-ILL is a self-limiting heating conductor for frost protection or for maintaining temperature in pipes and containers.

This heating conductor can be cut to length in-situ for exact adaptation to the workpiece.

Under the respective worldwide standards, HBR-ILL is approved for use in explosion hazard and aggressive environments.

As a result of its self-limiting characteristic, the heating conductor cannot overheat even when overlaps exist in its placement. Its output power is limited in depending upon the temperature of the object.

HBR-ILL is quick and simple to install, it can be fit to size and attached without any special tools. Connection, termination and coupling components are available with explosion hazard area ratings.

Max. permissible temperature Switched on 85°C / Switched off 85°C
Minimum installation temperature -40°C (CENELEC -20°C)
Voltage supply 220-277 V AC / 110-120 V AC / 12 V, 24 V DC
Temperature classification T6
Maximum resistance of the protective braiding ≤ 18.2 Ohm/km

The maximum final temperature must be monitored with controllers dependent upon the application.

* approx. holding temperature depending on mounting position, insulation thickness and outer temperature on the pipe. 


Hillesheim offers a complete range of accessory parts, such as controllers,
connection/termination sets, as well as the relevant connection housings. These items are recommended for trouble-free operation.

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