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SMD miniature controller for PT100 sensor

HT 54 series

The idea of integrating a temperature controller directly on the relevant heating system failed in the past due to the size of the components. Today's SMD technology only takes up a fraction of the space of earlier electronics. This prompted us to develop a complete temperature controller for installation in the upper part of the PA hard cap of our heating hoses. The HT 54 is the result! We have accommodated the controller board on an area of just 35 x 40 mm. Thanks to this construction, the customer can save on external control devices. This creates space in the switchgear cabinet. The HT 54 can also be used just as well for control purposes on heating jacket heating plates or heating strips. Its small dimensions open up new fields of application.

Voltage supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Switching power 1000 W / 5 A
Power switch triac in zero-crossing
Control range 0 .... 254°C, +/-5°C
Setting setpoint setting 2 °C steps with a DIP switch
Display heating operation yellow LED
Protection type IP42 / Cast: IP65 (EN 60529)
Response two-point controller
Sensor PT100
Inputs cable glands
Housing material PA glass-fibre reinforced
Housing dimensions 62 x 44 mm (D x W)

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