Flexible heating hoses manufactured by Hillesheim – reliable and versatile heating solutions

A flexible heating hose is required when fluids are transported – within a single machine or between sites – and must be kept at a constant temperature. Often, fixed connections are unfeasible and flexible heating hoses stand out as the best alternative to rigid piping.

Transporting fluids at constant temperatures

A flexible heating hose from Hillesheim reliably enables fluids (such as oils, fats, paints, water, resin, tar and others) to get where they are needed, at the temperature they are needed – without heat loss. In this way, current flexible heating hoses from Hillesheim are a guarantee that their fluid contents will be processed as efficiently as possible – regardless of environmental temperatures.

Low outside temperatures and heating solutions

This is sensible especially when outside temperatures during the colder seasons present problems for conventional ductwork. Due to its highly sophisticated technology, a flexible heating hose by Hillesheim prevents the freezing or clumping of fluids, which can cause clogging in a regular pipe.
Our wide range of industrial and analytical heating hoses represents highest quality engineering at the cutting edge of technology. Benefit from our years of experience and contact us today!

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