Compact controllers

Electronic Controller

HT 63 series

Controller / limiter combination

Series HT 61 / 62

Electronic controller

HT 43 series

Controller / limiter combination

HT 41 / 42 series

Power output via SSR, 3-pin, 6900 Watt

HT 44 series

Power output via SSR, 1-pin, 4600 Watt

HT 45 series

Integral controller / monitor combination

HTI 16 / HTP 16 series

Self-optimizing dual controller for the installation in a switchgear cabinet on a top-hat rail

HT 55 series

HT 55H dual controller

HT 55H series

Temperature controller for high load currents

HLD 55 series

Multi-channel controller

HTM 55 series


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