Mounting accessories / tapes

Stainless steel mounting bracket

IP65 connection housing

Plastic tie KSP

130 °C

Spacer tape AB

Spacer tape made of stainless steel ABF

Glass fabric tape GKB

160 °C

Glass fabric tape GKB

180 °C

Aluminium foil tape GAB

140 °C

Glass tape GB

450 °C

Glass silk tape GBB

450 °C

Glass fabric tape GBW

450 °C

Velcro fasteners KSV

100 °C

Velcro-/fleecetape KSV

80 °C

Silicone foam hose SJ

250 °C

Silicone foam mat SJ

250 °C

Polymer foam AF

170 °C

Polymer foam mat AF

170 °C

Punched fibreglass MG

450 °C

Ceramic fibre mat MQ + 1000

1000 °C

Glass fabric hoses GS

450 °C / 250 °C

Quartz fabric hoses GSK

900 °C

Connection wires FIL

260 °C

Silicone adhesive KF-SILT

Porcelain terminals KA

Spring terminals / mounting rails

Fuse protection circuit breaker


Thermocouple flat sensor

Thermocouple rod sensor

PT100 sensor

Compensating cables

Self-adhesive sign


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