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Controller / limiter combination

Series HT 61 / 62

The temperature controllers HT 61/62 are a further development of the HT40 series. Due to their compact design, simple and clear handling, the temperature controllers HT 61/62 are universal controllers in machine, plant and apparatus engineering. The text-controlled menu allows a simple and intuitive operation of the controller The most important parameters are shown on the LCD display.

In addition, the HT61 / 62 have a limiter function with a permanent shutdown. The contactless switching capacity is 16A.

Voltage supply 230V AC 50/60Hz (Optional 115V AC)
Switching power 3680 W (16 A)
Sensor types PT100, PT1000, Fe-CuNi (J), NiCr-Ni (K), Ni120, Sensor with 3-wire system
Tolerance 1% +/- 1 Digit
Controller outputs
Controller responce PID-Controller
Operating modes automatical, manual, input delay, program (optional)
Inputs and Outputs Alarm output relay 24V/1A
Analog output 0-10 V for temperature actual value display
Analog input 0-20 mA for external setpoint input (optional)
Functions Alarm delay
Alarm upper and alarm lower limit
limiter function with permanent shutdown
remote limiter reset
Option Package Program function
External setpoint input
Display 2-line LCD-Display
Operation Membrane keyboard 5 pushbuttons
Housing dimensions 160 x 80 x 55 mm (LxBxH)
Mounting plate dimensions 160 x 100 mm
Fastening 4 bores for M4 screws
Protection type IP65 (EN 60529) protection class I
HT 61 load outputs 1.2 m mains cable with Schuko, 8+PE pole plug (HANQ8), KV- screw connection for signal output
HT 62 load outputs KV- screw connection for signal output , main cable, consumer, without main cable

These parameters can be reprogrammed by the customer or preprogrammed according to customer requirements.

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