Hot melt – heating-hose solutions for use in the adhesives industry

Robustly manufactured heating hoses with specialized properties are a basic requirement for the use of hot melt technology in the adhesives and plastics industry – such as in glue applicator systems.
We are ready to be your reliable and competent supply partner for custom-made heating elements at the cutting edge of technology.

High quality hoses for hot melt coating

During transport, the temperature of transported media is kept at a pre-set, constant level – potential variations in temperature are adjusted accordingly. Besides adhesives and plastics, transported media can include tar, sealants, carbonate and others.

The technology within our specialized hoses ensures that the effects of outside temperatures are kept exceedingly small. The transported medium is heated up inside the hose - without melting the isolating layers. Even very high temperatures do not diminish the capabilities of our range of hot melt heating-hoses.

Suitable solutions for specific needs: Hot melt hoses by Hillesheim

We offer these specialized heating hoses in a variety of different makes and sizes. The products' operating temperature is 250° C at maximum. Please note - all available variants are compatible with most machines that are common to this branch of industry. This ensures that you will always be able to meet your specific heating requirements with products by Hillesheim.

We also produce electrical supply data on an individual and on-demand basis.

Hot melt heated hoses by Hildesheim are extremely reliable, durable and flexible. If you'd like to know more about our line of hot melt technology, please contact us directly – we'd love to hear from you!


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