Suitable trace heating solutions for every purpose

Effortlessly and conveniently heat up your pipes to desired temperatures by using high-quality heating hoses from our wide range of products. Flexible trace heating elements by Hillesheim will always meet your standards. Of course, we also provide additional accessories for professional mounting and installation.

Expert electrical trace heating technology

Pipes must be protected from frost due to cold environments and transported liquids or gases must be kept at a pre-set temperature – in these cases, electrical trace heating is the solution.

Hillesheim GmbH provides you with heating cords, heating tapes and heating cables, used to heat pipes with varying diameters in different temperature ranges – humidity-resistant models are also available.

Tailor-made trace heating

Depending on your needs, you may decide on a self-limiting trace heater or a model with constant heat output. We present you with the perfect solution for your specific use case, with a secondary focus on optimal heat distribution. We approach each case with the benefit of many years of experience and comprehensive technical expertise – to produce solutions that fit your needs perfectly.

Since professional installation is essential, we place extra emphasis on providing you with all the information and know-how you need. Of course, as your reliable partner we're happy to answer any questions you may have – and to provide you with additional information about the products in our range of effective electrical trace heating elements. Contact us today!

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