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Aluminium electric heating plate

Type HAP250 °C

Applications: Heating of parts and moulds, wood and paper industry, automobile industry, mould-making, plastics industry, bookbinding.

The HAP aluminium heating plates cover a temperature range up to 250°C and can handle extreme pressure loads and are impact and vibration resistant. Their shapes can be individually fabricated – whether round, oval or L-shaped. Special designs with cut-outs, bore holes and bolt threads can be manufactured.

Even combinations with liquid and air channels for cooling can be implemented.

Operating temperature 250 °C, maximum
Rated voltage up to 500 V AC/DC (1 – 3 phases)
Rated power up to 10 kW/m²
Heating plate material Aluminium (AlMg3 EN-AW-5754)
(AIMg4.5 EN 573-3)
Dimensions up to 1450 x 2400 mm
Heating plate thickness 10 – 20 mm, special dimensions possible
Weight for thickness: 10 mm approx. 26 kg/m²
Surface rolled aluminium, finely milled etc.
Pressure rating 80 N/mm²
Expansion 0.24 mm 1°K / over 1000 mm length
Temperature sensor PT100 / Fe-CuNi (J)
Connection cable 1.5 m long, with or without plug
Plug connection optional
Protection type IP40 - IP65 (EN 60529), depending on heating conductor, protection class I
Temperature control from our temperature controllers
Option insulation plate silicone, silicate, Pertinax, PTFE
Optional cooling plate on request

We manufacture special designs of our heating plates to customer requirements, for example:

  • Aluminium heating plates for heating electronic components, to reduce soldering times
  • Aluminium heating plates to heat CDs and solar cells during manufacture and final inspection
  • Aluminium heating plates for pressing in the wood and paper industry for laminates and hot adhesives
  • Aluminium heating plates for moulding PU foam and GRP prefabricated components
  • Aluminium heating plates for catering requirements, keeping food and drink warm
  • Heating and cooling plates with pipe system for heat transfer fluids, also for use in Ex areas (separate temperature regulating unit necessary)

Self-limiting HAP aluminium heating plates holding temperatures approx. 80°C, 60°C, 40°C with +10°C ambient temperature. For use without controller.

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