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Double-jacket heating hose / heat transfer medium

HDM 95 / 200 series95°C / 200 °C

Applications: Explosion hazard areas. Dosing equipment, food industry, filling lines.

The HDM hose can be used as a HEATABLE ELEMENT, as a COOLABLE ELEMENT and as a SAFETY ELEMENT.

A temperature regulating unit which works with water or heat-transfer oil in a circulating system is required to operate HDM as a heating hose.

Operating temperature 95°C / 200°C
Pressure hose T1 – T3, see Pressure hoses
Connection fitting RSL pipe connector stainless steel / inner hose
Heat transfer medium connection AGR 3/8'' to 1/2''
Heat transfer hose Elastomer hose, PTFE hose, Viton hose
Heat transfer fluid water (70 °C), oil (95 /200 °C)
Outer diameter DN   4 – 10 approx. 35 mm
DN 12 – 16 approx. 45 mm
DN 20 – 25 approx. 55 mm
Bend radius DN   4 – 10 200 mm
DN 12 – 16 400 mm
DN 20 – 25 500 mm
Production lengths from 1 to 25 m
Option thermal insulation with 10 mm foam insulation and PA external braiding, end caps on both sides, special pressure hose TA / DN 2 mm

* The pressure specification is valid for the heat transfer medium in the outer hose when the inner hose is filled and is under operating pressure. There must be no negative pressure difference between the outer hose and the inner hose, i.e. the pressure in the inner hose must always be higher than in the outer hose. A negative pressure difference (e.g. during filling) can cause the inner hose to collapse. If a negative pressure difference is unavoidable, the inner hose can be provided with an outer jacket. The outer jacket distributes the pressure over the stainless steel braiding and prevents the inner core collapsing.

In the case of an integrated inner pressure hose T3, only use oil or another heat transfer media. No water! Braiding rusts!

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