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Flexible heating jackets

HFM series600 °C

The flexible heating jackets are constructed from heating tape and insulation and are suitable as trace heaters for customer pipes, also pre-shaped pipes. Heating of bundles of pipes is also possible.

The HFM heating jackets are slid onto the pipes to be heated, so the customer has a heating system that is easy to install and can be replaced.

Operating temperature from frost protection to 600°C
Rated voltage 230 V AC (other voltages uo to 500 V)
Rated power depending on configuration
Heat insulation up to 250°C silicone
up to 450°C textile glass
up to 600°C silicate fibre
Heating jacket lengths 0.3 m up to approx. 10 m; optionally can also be split into individual segments, so that greater lengths or complete installations can be incorporated in the system.
Temperature sensor Fe-CuNi type J, NiCr-Ni type K, PT100 and integral control system (HTI) possible
Pipe diameter from capillary to 50 mm outer diameter (larger diameters on request)
Inner hose flexible metal corrugated hose
Bend radii adaptable to the heating system
Connecting cable 1.5 m
Plug connection optional

Temperature control from our controllers, see chapter Control technology.

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