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Heat transfer medium hose

HDM 60 / 62 / 68 series60°C / 200°C / 250 °C

Applications: Plastics equipment, PU equipment, 2-component equipment, adhesive equipment.

The HDM hose can be used as a HEATING or as a COOLING ELEMENT and as an antistatic version is also suitable for use in explosion hazard areas.

A temperature regulating unit which works with steam, water or heat- transfer oil in a circulating system is required to operate HDM as a heating hose.

A pressure hose is tightly coiled around the heat transfer medium hose, in which the heat transfer fluid flows in order to heat the material in the material hose. This construction precludes the type of fault which would allow an intrusion of heated material from the material hose into the heat transfer circulation system to destroy the temperature regulating unit.

Operating temperature 60°C / 200°C / 250°C
Pressure hose T1 – T4, see Pressure hoses
Connector fittings material hose see Fittings
Execution HDM 60: PUR 6 mm Ø 60°C
HDM 62: PTFE 6 mm Ø 200°C
HDM 68: PTFE 6 mm Ø 250°C
heat transfer medium hose Single or double ended extending 1.0 m out of the material hose
Heat transfer fluid water (70 °C), oil (60/200/250 °C), steam (164 °C)
Production lengths 1 – 25 m
Connector fittings heat transfer medium hose AG ¼“, ¼“ union nut special
fittings possible
Thermal insulation fleece of foam hose
Outer protective braiding polyamide black
Hose end caps PA hard cap or elastomer cap

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