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Heating/cooling table

Type HA-HT / HA-HKT100 °C

Applications: Form-making, automobile construction, wood and paper industry, book binderies, plastics industry.

Various materials, such as plastics and metals can be kept or heated to an even temperature on the mobile heating/cooling table. The temperature of the aluminium heating plate is continuously adjustable up to 100°C using an built-in electronic controller. The special HTI16 integral controller detects temperature across the entire surface of the heat plate, thereby ensuring a much more uniform surface temperature than would be possible with conventional sensor control.

Optionally, the heating table can be equipped with an additional built-in cooling plate. This feature permits cooling processes to be accelerated with liquids or even compressed air. This feature requires a separate cooling unit or compressed air source (provided by customer).

The heating table is available in four sizes (other sizes on request).

Operating temperature 100 °C, maximum
Rated voltage 230 V AC
Heating plate material Aluminium (AlMg3 EN-AW-5754)
(AIMg4.5 EN 573-3)
Height approx. 90 cm
Pressure rating up to 400 kg
Connection cable 3.5 m long with German Schuko mains plug with integrated fault current circuit breaker
Protection type IP54 (EN 60529), protection class I
Frame colours green RAL 6011, light grey RAL 7035, red RAL 3003, blue RAL 5007
Temperature control HTI 16 on the heating table

Option: The HDI controller can be supplied with an additional controller module and with a separate sensor (PT100), which serves for temperature monitoring of the applied component. This avoids overheating of the component on the table.

Special sizes, heavy duty version or higher temperatures on request.

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