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Heating hose for adhesive application systems

H 200 Special series250 °C

Applications: Heat-loss free transport of: adhesives, hot-melt etc.

Deployable pressure hose made of PTFE of DN 4 – 50 mm; pressure load depending on the nominal diameter up to 600 bar.

Operating temperature 100 °C - 170 °C - 200 °C - 250 °C
Rated voltage 230 V AC/DC (other voltages up to 500 V)
Rated power Watt/metre depending on selection
Pressure hose type see Pressure hoses
Connection fitting steel / stainless steel, see fittings
Heating heating conductor, structure according to DIN, moisture-proof with protective braiding
Thermal insulation heat stabilized, closed-pore
silicone foam up to 250°C
elastomer foam up to 170°C
Outer protective braiding polyamide, black, options possible
Hose end caps PA hard cap or elastomer cap
Temperature sensor Fe-CuNi type J, NiCr-Ni type K, PT100 Ni 120
Connecting cable dependent on the installation
Plug connection special plug dependent on the installation
Control lines number according to customer requirements
Production lengths from 0.3 to 50 m depending on DIN
Protection type up to IP54 (EN 60529), protection class I
Tolerance ±10°C

Extended usages according to customer requirements with special equipment possible. (Manual or robotic application, diffusion-sealed version).

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