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High-Tech-Integral; HTI heating tape with the heating conductor as sensor / on a reel

Type HKSI 70 Ni150 °C

With HTI parallel heating tape, the entire length of the heating tape is used for temperature measurement with the (integral) HTI controller, so even temperature measurement over the entire length is achieved.

Further advantage: The parallel heating tape can be cut to size in-situ and can be specifically adapted to the existing system on installation

Holding temperature 150°C depending on the insulation thickness on the pipe
Rated voltage max. 230 V AC
Rated power at 20°C approx. 70 W/m
Rated power at 150°C approx. 30 W/m
Surface temperature max. 200°C
Heating circuit length max. 60 m
Contact clearance 2 m
Minimum bend radius 50 mm
Outer dimensions approx. 8 x 11 mm (oval)
Outer jacket FEP
Protection type IP65 (EN 60529), protection class I
PE conductor braiding yes

Heating tape connection, see Configuration sets
Temperature control using our HTI integral controller, in chapter Control technology.

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