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HVT 1 basic element

250 °C

Rated voltage 12 - 660 V AC/DC
Power consumption up to 3 kW/m²
Continuous temperature controlled up to 250 °C depending on the design
Glass thickness 4 – 6 mm, SPSG / LSG
Transparency approx. 75%
Surface from approx. 0.1 m² up to 4 m²
Weight 4 mm 10 kg/m² , 6 mm 15 kg/m²
Control attachment of sensors is possible
Accessories measurement and control devices freely selectable

Additional properties

  • High transparency
  • Large surface and uniform heat development
  • High level of thermal radiation
  • Very short heating time through high power output with low mass
  • High tensile strength through SPSG safety glass
  • Long service life, no measurable wear

Application examples

  • Panel radiators in many shapes, colours and sizes
  • Wall and ceiling heating systems, also flush mounted
  • Drier ovens
  • Hotplates, heating plates
  • Window or door panel heating
  • Mist-free windows in cold-storage depots, refrigerated displays, construction machinery
  • Sight glasses on machines and installations
  • Additional heating for window ledges, tiled ovens and tiled walls
  • Heating elements for industry
  • Heating elements for aquariums and terrariums
  • Heating elements for indoor swimming pools and hospitals 

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