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Integral controller / monitor combination

HTI 16 / HTP 16 series

The device impresses with its perfect matching with our trace heating systems with HTI heating conductor and its compact design and simple handling. Easy mounting via the mounting plate serving as a heat sink and modern connection systems are self-evident.

The HTI 16 temperature controller controls the temperature of the heating conductor via the change in resistance of the heating wire without further sensors. The integral controller does not measure at one point, but rather the average value over the entire length / surface of the heating system directly from the heating wire and registers a temperature change immediately without any delay. The measured value corresponds to the temperature profile over the entire system and not the temperature at a single point, as is the case with a sensor. A special nickel alloy is used as the heating wire. A PT100 is also required as a HTP 16 controller-monitor.

Voltage supply 230 V AC (optional 115 V / 400 V AC), 50 ... 60 Hz
Controllable heating power 3680 W (max. 16 A resistive load,
ED 70 ... 80 %) 230 V
6400 W at 400 Volt, 1840 W at 115 Volt
Min. output current 1 A resistive load
Control range (-20 ... +250°C in 4 segments) -20 – +40 °C
0 – 100 °C
10 – 150 °C
10 – 250 °C
Display actual/target value 3-digit LED display
Temperature setting digital via keys
Power unit triac
Signal relay changeover relay 230 V AC, 6 A
Protection type IP65 (EN 60529), protection class I
Mounting surface 160 x 122 mm (H x W)
Fastening 4 bores for M4 screws
Terminal clamps 2.5 mm²
Control pulse package control with zero passage detection and defined heating pause
Versions Output / load D – 1.3 m cable with Schuko plug
K – terminal clips / KV screw connection
Housing dimensions 81 x 161 x 65 mm (W x H x D)
Option HTP 16 2nd control circuit with PT100 sensor as controller-monitor combination

The HTI controller is always calibrated on the corresponding heating circuit. On supply of a heating system with an assigned controller system, the device is factory set. The heating system and the controller are then labelled accordingly. The calibration is stored as a mode and can be performed without great effort.

The calibration and matching to different heating systems is performed at the press of a button.

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