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Mini heating hose

HMI series200 °C

Applications: : In analytical technology for portable measuring systems; connection hoses in medical technology in all application areas; for maintaining the heat of a medium.

The HMI mini heating hoses are a miniaturized version of our standard H300 hose series. The structure is similar, only less thermal insulation is used.

Operating temperature max. 200°C
Power rating individually adaptable
Supply voltage low voltage and mains voltage
Main hose type PTFE cores, silicone-Viton hoses, capillaries made of stainless steel and copper, plastic hoses made of PA/PP/PE/PVC/...
Outer diameter min. 20 mm possible
Available modes self-limiting, with in-built (customer-specific) sensor. with connection to an HTI integral controller

Depending on the application, the outer jacket consists of an SI hose, red-brown/black or a closed PA corrugated hose.

The end connections are silicone moulded parts and tapered or cast shapes.

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