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Moisture-proof heating cords of small diameter

Type HST250 °C

HST is a PTFE-insulated, inexpensive heating cord for heating pipes of small diameter, area etc.

The connecting cables are PTFE insulated.

The heating cord is moisture-proof and protective earthed (PE). With a spacer tape the heating cord can be fixed in place for surfaces and cylindrical heating, see Accessories.

Our HTI integral controller, which is controllable without a sensor, is recommended. Further information, see chapter Control technology.

Operating temperature max. 250°C (integral controlled HTI 150°C)
Rated voltage 230 V AC/DC (special voltages possible)
Minimum bend radius 4 mm
Connection cable 1.5 m single-wires at both ends
Diameter Ø 2.5 – 3.5 mm
Protection type IP54 (EN 60529), protection class I
PE conductor braiding copper nickel-plated, moisture-proof

In addition to the listed lengths, larger and intermediate lengths are also available.

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