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Self-limiting heating tape / on a reel reduced power on heating

Type HBR-ILL / ILH / ILS120 °C

The HBR self-limiting heating tapes regulate their heating power according to the respective temperature level, so that after attaining the final temperature it is maintained. If temperature differences arise between sections, the heating power adapts from section to section. This ensures uniform heating. The tapes can be laid overlapping; this is especially suitable for uneven surfaces, such as on pumps, valves and branches.

HBR heating tape is sold by the metre with the appropriate heating tape connector, see Configuration sets for individual adaptation of the length in situ or the available preconfigured length ex works.

Heating tape versions
Max. permissible temperature

85°C / 85°C switched off
150°C / 200°C switched off
200°C / 250°C switched off
Outer jacket

Polyolefin (CT)
Fluoropolymer (CF)
Rated voltage 230 V AC / other voltages on request
Minimum bend radius 30 mm
Protection type IP 65 (EN 60529), protection class I

* at +10°C outside temperature, 16 A fuse protection, in accordance with EN 60899 approx. holding temperature depending on mounting position, insulation thickness and outside temperature on the pipe.

** Rated output power at 230 V AC if the heating tape is installed on insulated metal pipes.

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